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That’s me opposite, very formal looking in that particular “shot” and about as formal as it gets, on my wedding day,  but it’s me all the same. My name is Justin Ferguson, I’m the founder of Aotearoa Designs, I started using the brand name Aotearoa Designs almost ten years ago, in a much different way to how I use it today, but that is another story for my blog.

As for me, I’ve been working in the Information Technology arena for 20 years, although my love for technology and computers started 28 years ago, when I was given my first computer, a Commodore Vic 20, a clunky box of electronic components that quickly changed my life forever. I soon outgrew the Commodore and got a Sinclair Spectrum +, which was the one with the hard plastic keys rather than the previous rubber keyed version, as well this is another story for my blog.

In a working environment, my first network installation consisted of three computers running windows 3.0 and coaxial cable on a 10BASE2 network, everything was manually configured back then down to jumpers on the network cards for setting the IRQ’s, thankfully things have changed over the years and fast.

Working in many different multi-disciplinary roles for different companies gave me a great deal of experience by learning to deal with people rather than IT issues, a great failure of many IT people in support roles, they tend to concentrate on the support issue the person is having rather than the person who is having the issue and losing time in what otherwise would be used doing their job. A mentor of mine when I was young said; “Fix the person first, the problem second”. This is why I believe IT is a great tool for helping people do their job better and more efficiently and it’s our job to show them how and make sure it works as it should. 

Fix the person first, the problem second

People in IT are use to change and things can change rapidly, it makes it difficult to keep up and we spend a lot of time learning, having so many years experience gives one the ability to continue the learning process which is vital as not to become stagnant and quickly left behind, with our acceptance for change IT people are able to lead the way in business processes improving the tools we already have and use for the departments we service or

a vital skill is to understand how each of the company’s departments function and their processes, as to have a solid understanding of the business and it’s goals
administer, this is why a vital skill to have is to understand how each of the company’s departments function and their processes, as to have a solid understanding of the business and it’s goals, so the IT people are in a better position to be able to give and show them tools that they can use.

So with this experience and knowledge I formed Aotearoa Designs to provide IT services across many different areas, and have grown a network of partners and experts that we work with to cover all facets of IT. Our network consists of in house expertise in everything we do and for extra aid, support and non core functions we reach out to our partners, we also work closely with our partners offering our services through them.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina we’re able to provide cost effective services to companies in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, using a time zone that is very favorable to most areas. Even though the internet has made it easier to communicate and work with service providers in different countries or time zones it’s still extremely important to have instant contact and feedback when required and being able to talk about projects or issues rather than relying on emails.

Thank you for visiting, if you have any questions please contact us and we look forward to showing what IT can really do for you.

Justin Ferguson
Founding Member of Aotearoa Designs