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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

If you have a web presence and you want traffic to it, then it’s 100% vital you have a plan for both of these things and let the experts do the work for you. A company’s marketing and advertising budget should include SEO and SEM ¬†right alongside online advertising. AotearoaDesigns is passionate about the whole topic and the importance of these two primary functions to be able to get the traffic you want to your online presence, website or online store.

SEO is split into two areas namely on-site and off-site.

On-Site SEO is the concentration of building great content using keywords that you want your website to be found when those words are used in searches, there are strict rules as to what the search engines consider great content which takes into account many different factors of each webpage, break those rules and you’ll be punished by not having your website show in search results. There’s more involved in just using the keywords that you want people to find your web site with, you need to take into account the geographical location of the people you are targeting, the amount of searches that are done for a chosen keyword and the competition that exists for that keyword.

Off-Site SEO and SEM.

These two elements are related and they describe the process of making your web site popular and important, the more popular and important your web site is the higher it will rank in searches for your keywords. There are many different methods and theories on how to do this, two big parts are back-links, back linking or incoming links and secondly social networking. Back linking is where a website has a link to your website using important keyword text for the link or anchor text, with the link they have to you it is basically a vote of confidence in your favor, the search engines see these links as part of your popularity. Each incoming link also can have a value attached to it, the more value the link has the more popularity points the likes of Google gives you, gain enough popularity points with Google and you will increase your PR number, which is the famous page rank value. The most important thing to remember is your off-site work has to be organic, which means it has to be completed at a certain speed.

any company that promises you 1,000 back links in a month is a scam and it will have a major detrimental effect on your website as there is no way the search engines will see that as organic.
The second part and relatively new, is the Social Media element to off-site SEO, this is going to become eventually more important than back links or incoming links as Social Media is completely (at the moment) controlled by humans likes and interests. It’s done through many different websites to promote your website, products enticing people to come and read your website.

AotearoaDesigns has proven methods and strategy’s for successfully for-filling a customers desires in the goals of these major items. We provide detailed reports on your website with suggestions on what you should be doing, we can then implement those strategy’s for a monthly fee, we also provide monthly reports showing in detail what we are doing and the results we’re getting, we have found over the years that it’s extremely important for clients to see a return on investment and the clear goals are set and met.

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