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Bad Linking Processes

It’s a new year and it’s about time the companies and businesses started getting smart about whom they contract for their on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

2012 saw a lot of changes from Google, some people praised the changes, many didn’t, but there was some good lessons learnt from the changes made, so one would have thought!

Two of the biggest off-site SEO things to come from the changes during 2012 were…

1) Do not submit your website to Link Farms or Web Directories for quick and easy back links and expect them to give you any link value or boost your search engine result postions (SERPs).

2) Do not submit blog comments expecting any links you included to give you any link value or boost your SERPs for any chosen keywords.

These two items are basic ‘do not dos’ in simple SEO, anyone who has a clue removed them from any SEO strategy and began frantically trying to remove links or have Google disavow them using Google’s new disavow tool for any link you consider is bad.

Why then are there still millions of Web Directory submissions and spam-like blog comments submitted every day and where are they coming from?!

I run an experimental web directory website that I started when it was considered ‘ok’ to submit your website to these types of websites, I started it to get a better insight into linking habits and where they are coming from, who’s doing the submitting and for who.

The results were very interesting. I thought with the changes that came out of 2012 that the website traffic would reduce and eventually stop, however that didn’t happen, strangely the traffic increased! Even though 99.5% of the traffic to the website comes from referrals as obviously Google hates it and it gets minimal if any organic traffic, the website has 66 thousand pages indexed by Google but hardly any of them get any kind of SERP ranking.

I also manage, run and develop many website and blogs sites for clients and the number of crappy, spammy and just plain poorly written blog comments just keep coming, here’s a great example of poorly wirrten blog comment…

you are actually a excellent webmaster. The website loading pace is incredible.
It kind of feels that you're doing any unique trick. Furthermore,
The contents are masterwork. you've performed a wonderful job in this subject!

So why are these kind of blog comments and web directory submissions still happening? From the information I’ve collected it is obvious that company’s are paying for cheap and crappy SEO services that are getting performed by so called SEO experts that have absolutely no idea what they are doing or they are paying SEO marketing companies who then outsource the work cheaply to so called SEO experts who also have no idea.

The important thing company’s need to do is find out who is performing the actual SEO work they are paying for and what their strategy is, if their strategy includes link building through any of these methods you should be talking to another SEO provider as it is obvious they are behind the times.

There needs to be a new movement in the SEO, off-site SEO and marketing worlds to stop the crap, these things are still happening because company’s are still paying for these kinds of poor and cheap services.

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